Good Habits & Charlotte Mason

Good Habits & Charlotte Mason

“The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.” - Charlotte Mason

Do not be mistaken, there are no “perfect” days, but there very smooth sailing day, as the brilliant Charlotte Mason describes... This has been the most invaluable lesson for me to learn - that structure, discipline, and routine, create an environment for the whole family to thrive. Not necessarily a natural tendency for my hippie soul! 

The more we focus on creating good habits (all of us!), the more we are able to have a tidy, calm, and peaceful home. Something I have long been craving, and something that I can already tell we are all benefiting from. 

I’m all to aware of my own sin when I see it presenting in my children’s behaviours…By focusing on good habits in our days, I truly feel like we’re all growing so very much! As a simple example, the kids have only asked for Netflix once so far this week because we are practicing the habit of filling our days with more purposeful activities and less “noise.”

A few habits we are focusing on cultivating as a family:

  • More Time in God’s Word

  • Rest

  • Wholesome Foods

  • Family Time

  • Reading Aloud

  • Minimal Screen Time

  • Completed Chores

  • Earlier Sleep

  • Daily Movement

It is my encouragement to you, mama, to push though and do the hard things.

It has been an incredible lesson for me to learn that the more I lean into the bold pursuit of creating the environment I (and Shane) want for our family, the less opposition I face in the day, and the more I truly enjoy our days!

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