Canadiana Christmas Gift Guide

Canadiana Christmas Gift Guide

Maybe it’s the two and a half years of log cabin living, but I’ve become all kinds of extra about all things Canadiana! Vintage Hudson’s Bay wool blanket - yes please! (And thanks mum!) Homemade Hot Chocolate and a board game in front of the fire - Definitely!

As someone who spend a lot of her younger years in a warmer climate, I’m not always the most keen on the cold weather, but I’m also a strong believer in “blooming where you’re planted” and so I’m determined to embrace the cold, the nostalgia, the cozy, and the items verging on tacky.

I’m a big fan of embracing our history, and holding on to what makes us unique as Canadians. And I totally get that it’s about so much more than cozy blankets, yummy aromas, or kitcky tshirts, but hey, it’s a start! So, I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favourite items that sang Canadiana to me, and I’m sharing (and linking) them all below!

  1. HBC Perfect All Season Throw $104.30 I have a vintage HBC blanket and I don’t feel one is enough. This one is much easier on the wallet and such a classic addition to a northern home.

  2. Maple Syrup Candle $24.99 Pretty sure this is just the official scent of Canada and I’m totally digging the tin!

  3. Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil $30.75 This is, hands down, one of my top 5 favourite essential oils of all time and it comes straight from the Northern Lights Tree Farm in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Pair it with peppermint for a crisp, and perfectly Christmas, aroma.

  4. The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada $12.95 The perfect addition to any child’s library and a fun way to “see” our beautiful country.

  5. No Talky During Hockey Tee $40 An Edmonton company has created the tee that says what we’re all thinking. Love this as a gift for a hockey enthusiast! Wait, aren’t we all?!?

  6. HBC Cottage Socks $30.00 These are so perfectly cozy for a chilly winter night and I just love the classic HBC stripes.

  7. Alberta Canada Vintage Art Print (Digital Download) $10.50 I am actually obsessed with this super fun print and love that its a digital download. They have other Canadian locations too but hey, Alberta is home so I’m representing. ;)

  8. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle $29.67 Hot chocolate or coffee is a Canadian staple and we’ve personally owned this bottle for years now. It was a gift from my grandparents and I love the retro styling of it.

  9. Canadiana Moose Dinner Bell $29.97 This! I need this in our log cabin! A dinner bell is fun, but a moose dinner bell is over the top cool!

  10. Birch Bark Maple Leaf Ornament $4.00 I totally love the idea of adding this to a candle, bottle or wine, or tin of cookies, to round off a gift.

What “says” Canadian to you? Hook a mama up in the comments below…

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