Changing Seasons - A Kolkman Family Update

Changing Seasons - A Kolkman Family Update

Here in Alberta, we’ve just made it through the coldest February in 40 years and it’s slowly starting to warm up! The sun is shining and we’re starting to hear the drip drip drip of it melting the snow… An encouraging sign of a change in season. As the seasons literally change, our little family is entering a new season too…

We’ve made the decision, after much prayer, to pursue a move to Texas. The Austin area to be more specific…

Why Texas? I (Alex) grew up there; from the time I was 9 months old until I was 9 years old. This probably deserves a separate post but, for now, I’ll do my best to sum it up… Over the past few years, we have made several trips down there, starting with one to attend the wedding of a dear friend that I grew up with. That first trip planted the seed of us being drawn back. After over 9 years in the Edmonton area, we were open to a change and Texas became an exciting option that we started to look further into.

We are far from having all of the details of this move figured out, but we put our trust in the Lord to guide us through. There is no set move date, and so many unknowns, as is to be expected for this process. Right now, we’re focusing on downsizing all the “extra” items in our house and soaking up our time here at the cabin. We can’t wait to share more details soon!

There is so much excitement as we look to embark on this new adventure! There is also considerable sadness as we prepare to say goodbye to so many precious friends and family in the Edmonton area. So y’all better come and visit! ;)

Much Love,

Shane, Alex, Sophie & Simon (&Lucy)

P.S. We’ll be sharing more of this journey here on the blog - so make you you subscribe and follow along on social media too :)

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