About the Kolkman Life

The Kolkman Life was created as a space to document our simple daily pleasures, our grand adventures, and everything in-between..

Daily life with 2 littles can be messy, beautiful, hilarious, crazy making, and terribly sweet... all at the same time! And I don't want to forget any of it! It is my greatest joy, and my greatest learning curve, to be able to stay at home with my "babies." 

It all started when I was 15 and saw a super cute boy at church. I'll never forget his black cowboy hat, his brown carhartt jacket, and his runners! lol Runners, really?! Anyway, that's all a story for another time... But fast forward 11 years... I've been married to that cute "boy" for 9 years, and we are living in a log cabin in the country with our two littles, and a gigantic Leonberger. 

my world.

You'll see a lot of these precious people on the blog but its me (Alex) that you'll be hearing from. I grew up in Texas and it will always feel like "home" for me. Some of my favourite memories, and people, are there. Now, we live in the country, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, and we truly love it here! I'm a converted country girl who has developed an unhealthy love of plaid and, if you ever drop by my house, its probably what you'll find me in. I love creating a cozy home, watching Netflix in bed, frozen mangoes, and anything Chip and Joanna Gaines touch. 

The Kolkman Life is about blooming where you're planted, making a house a home, and finding joy in the everyday. I'm SO glad you're here! 

- Alex

P.S. I'm sharing a few of my favourite photos of my little family over the years so, keep scrolling down :)