The Boots You Need for Winter in Alberta

Y’all, don’t hold your breath on me becoming a fashion blogger! I’m just a regular country mama that found a good pair of boots and wanted to share my win! ;)

After almost 10 years of living in Alberta, I feel like I’m finally learning how to dress for the elements! Grand timing considering that we’re now planning a move down South! I know most of us Albertans don’t want to think about winter right now, but we can all admit that it will arrive sooner, rather than later, and it’s good to be prepared!

Now, whether I’m taking the dog out, bringing in fire wood, or running errands in town with the kids, my feet are actually warm! A far cry from when we first moved here and I wore ballet flats all.winter.long!! 

Enter: L.L. Bean Boots


These boots were made for walking... and sledding, and exploring, and snow clearing, and Christmas tree scouting...

I bought the ones that are Sherpa lined, because I’m all about being cozy. Hygge anyone? They have the warmth and coziness of an ugg boot, combined with the waterproof-ness of a really great rain boot, all while being made from real leather! Yes, they were definitely an investment, and it took me months (yes months) to finally make the purchase, but I’m learning that you truly do get what you pay for and I’d way prefer to have less, but quality!!

I went all out and bought the boot guard from L.L.Bean so I could treat them right away. It’s a little embarrassing to admit but, I’ve never actually treated any shoes that I’ve owned before. #adulting This process took all of five minutes and it’s kept my boots looking snazzy, even close to a year later.


I wanted to wear them for a full winter season (you know, like 10 months lol!) before I felt I could recommend them and I definately feel I can! This is the first time since we have lived here that I have felt free to play and be outside and have confidence that my feet will stay warm and dry! These are truly a winning winter boot in my opinion and I’m pulling them to the front of my closet in (not so eager) anticipation of winter.

Until I blog Again,


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